Is a Business person an Entrepreneur? A business person is a person who establishes and maintains a company as opposed to functioning as a worker is not an Entrepreneur. While the previous characteristics are part of the qualities of an entrepreneur, they are not the only ones. Entreprenuers are also visionaries, creators, and trailblazers. Anyone can learn to operate a business administratively over time with enough practice. Entrepreneurs are the individuals that go all in, even when funds are low, and debts are high. They are 100% invested in their business and are not working for only financial gain.

Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.

There is nothing wrong with being a business person and loving your job while contributing to the company as an employee. Business people and Entrepreneurs are sometimes confused. Entrepreneurs are there before there’s a physical business for a business person to operate. Business people come in many forms with titles such as C.E.O., Founder, Owner, and the list continues. Entrepreneurs can be all the previously mentioned names/positions at any point in the business life cycle.

Many have often ask, “How do I become an entrepreneur?”. The answers to this question can be explained in many different ways. First, do what you love and work hard to get your product and/or service to the public. Focus on what you have that is unique that solves a problem in the market place. Entrepreneurs have failed many times before they succeeded. The only way to know if you will succeed is to begin, try and do not quit.

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