Habits Decide Your Future.

You Don’t Decide Your Future, Your Habits Do? The quote by F. M. Alexander says it best, “People do not decide their futures, they decided their habits, and their habits decide their future.”

Most of your life you’re taught to set plan, set goals, and work the plan. Time after time you see no results and little progress. The culprit is the single word habits. If you have bad habits this may lead to lack of focus, then to stress, then to denial and ultimately to failure. Plans and goals are only are good as the habits applied to them.

Decide to create good habits and become more in control of your daily activities. We will begin to see progress.

Habits take time to break and create, but the process is worth the outcomes. If you feel lazy, you can control this bad habit by getting up without overthinking and begin the activity. When we procrastinate and overthink, we tend to focus more on the process instead of the outcome. The process of doing anything is sometimes is not enjoyable, and thinking about the process you will become discouraged. Try focusing more on your goal and the reward at the end of the process.

Good habits are like good plans that help you to take small steps towards your goal. Creating good habits is always rewarding, and many people around you will notice your chances. Firstly, you must review your past behavior and see what patterns occur. This analysis of you life can be a rewarding and scary process. After you find our what your habit forming patterns are you can begin to apply remedies to change them positively. Changing a habit will take time and trail and error.

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