You may have heard at some point in life the saying, “Keeping up with the Joneses.”Where did this phrase come from?Who are the Jones?What does this mean?Let’s begin with a brief history of where the phrase comes from and who are the Jones. It dates back to a comic strip created by Arthur R. Jones in 1913, that depicted the social struggles of a family.

The phrase originated from the comic strip “Keeping Up with the Joneses”, created by Arthur R. “Pop” Momand in 1913.The strip ran until 1940 in The New York World and various other newspapers.The strip depicts the social climbing McGinis family, who struggle to “keep up” with their neighbors, the Joneses of the title.

Why was this phrase “Keeping up with the Joneses” relevant then, and why is it still relevant now in our modernized world? The answer to this question can be explained in many different ways and perspectives. Let us give you EntrevisionU’s interpretation of what the phrase “Keeping up with the Joneses” means. Similarly, we will also discuss the motivational aspects of the message and how it can help us live a happier life.

When someone is said to be keeping up with the Joneses, they are comparing themselves to the achievement of others around them. However, after comparing themselves, they try to do better than the person(s) they compare themselves against. This leads to people going sometimes making risky decisions to appear to be better. This becomes a never-ending cycle with no real purpose. This should not be confused with honest and friendly competition, which is encouraged. Keeping up with the Joneses comes from a place of ego, jealous, and envy.For example, thinking you are superior to others because you have a bigger or newer home falls under this category.

The Positive

Let’s find the silver lining and motivation within this phrase. First, keeping up with the Joneses also means you are striving to be better and do better. Some people in life fail but never trying again. If you keep striving based on well planned goals this is positive. A second positive is that it forces you to be creative and find a way to become better, pushing you to achieve more.

All actions and reactions can have positive or negative results to them. It is our personal duty to ourselves to ensure we keep a positive mental attitude. In conclusion, no one can motivate you but you.

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