EntreVisionU, the word, and company name came from a basic idea that entrepreneurship can be difficult. Daily motivation is needed to keep moving forward. This website was created to inform, motivate, and entertain entrepreneurs working on their visions through motivational content, inspiration products, and educational lessons. The founder’s dream is to integrate motivational thinking and products into someone’s everyday lifestyle. This approach has helped in past experiences and has assisted others to step into their greatest self and provide the confidence they need. Passion, enthusiasm, and hard work help, but daily motivation keeps you going especially when times get tough. 

To accomplish our goals, EntreVisionU has taken many forms but ultimately settled on the combined use of blogs, videos, online courses, and motivational products. Every journey in life is a personal one for each person.  We want to ensure the information and products we provide can reach our friends and our communities effectively. What does our company name EntreVisionU mean? Below were break down the meaning.

Entre = Entrepreneurial,
Vision = Vision,
U = Unity in our Community.

All together it states we have anEntrepreneurial Vision for Unity in our Community.”

“Motivation is said to be like personal hygiene, it is to be repeated daily.”